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The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark And Why You Need to Know

It's not uncommon to find a news article that misuses copyright and trademark, as if they are interchangeable. Sometimes, even lawyers misunderstand their differences. But you don't have to make their same mistakes. I'm here to help explain the difference between copyright and trademark and why knowing the differences is important for you as a [...]

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Pinterest Giveaway Rules: Updated

  In response to questions and uncertainty about using Pinterest to run giveaways, Pinterest has issued an update to its Pinterest for Business Brand Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policy. While the Brand Guidelines are specifically for business users, the Acceptable Use policies apply to all platform users. Together, these new Pinterest giveaway rules should help guide [...]

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Guest Postess with the 12 Mostess

OK, that was a lame attempt at humor. And what exactly does that mean anyway? You're thinking, "Obviously this woman had too much candy last night!". Seriously, though, I was asked to write for the online magazine 12 Most. All their posts offer information in groups of 12. So, while 3 is the magic number, [...]

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Tax Tips For Bloggers

  Every week I get a few emails from bloggers or online professionals asking me questions about taxes. Most of them are the same questions again and again. Because I can't answer fact-specific questions individually without potentially creating an attorney/client relationship, I tend to give the same general answers. First and foremost, seek counsel from [...]

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