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How Free Speech and Social Media Fit Together

You’ve heard it or have seen it posted… Someone saying they can say whatever they want, post whatever they want and no-one can do anything to them. As if the First Amendment is their sword and shield. And you can’t do anything about it. Freedom of speech. Three words that get thrown around and written [...]

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The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark And Why You Need to Know

It's not uncommon to find a news article that misuses copyright and trademark, as if they are interchangeable. Sometimes, even lawyers misunderstand their differences. But you don't have to make their same mistakes. I'm here to help explain the difference between copyright and trademark and why knowing the differences is important for you as a [...]

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Contract Law Basics Part 2

Now that you know contract law basics, I'd like to move on to the main issues of contract negotiation. Most contracts, regardless of who they're from, will have been crafted by a team of lawyers and heavily stacked in favor of the other party. It's just how it works. Most lawyers aren't in the business [...]

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